How Quartz Infrared Heaters Assure Efficient Home Heating

Available in two varieties - quartz lamps and tubes, these heaters are cost-effective. This article helps you understand how quartz infrared heaters work and provide efficient heat.
Working of quartz infrared heaters 
Quartz infrared heaters consist of an electrical heating element, usually a tungsten wire, surrounded by a quartz tube. When current passes through the wire, it gets heated up. The quartz tube traps this heat and makes the element hotter. Upon getting hotter, it emits infrared radiation that provides warmth to the people and objects present in the room.
Direct and instant heat 
Among the various types of heaters available, quartz infrared heaters are best suited for applications that require instant heat. As quartz heaters provide heat within seconds, you need not wait for longer time to feel the warmth. Infrared radiation emitted by these heaters gets converted to heat upon striking the objects and individuals in the room.
Multiple reflections of radiation increase efficiency 
Heat from quartz infrared heaters does not get blocked by objects and people. It gets reflected off to other objects or individuals present in the room. This ensures increased efficiency of the heaters. Some heaters are also designed with reflectors assuring concentrated heating, i.e., they reflect infrared radiations to the desired area of the room.
Even heat 
Unlike traditional convection heaters, quartz infrared heaters provide uniform heat. Heat from convection heaters is limited to their surroundings (or mostly to the ceiling of the room). However, this is not the case with quartz heaters as the waves of radiation travel throughout the room ensuring efficient even heat, wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

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